Aston Hall is the SCA household of a mid 14th Century English knight, Baron Sir Philip Williams of Aston.   We are a group of skilled artisans that enjoys research and takes pride in our work both in art and arms.  
The common goal of our household members is to strive for historical authenticity as faithfully as possible, and to have fun while doing so. This includes dress, customs, and possessions.   While not exclusively an English household, members with personas from other countries are still  required to adhere to the mid-late 14th Century time period.
At tourneys, we can be found by our blazing red pavilion and many colorful flags.  
At wars, we can often be found with the Company of St. George, with which we are affiliated.  
Aston Hall is located in the eastern shire of Darach in the Kingdom of Caid.
Aston Hall
Per artis et ferrum obtinui Aston Hall